Topanga Side Eye - "Deep Seat"

6 mins

This is a cover song from British alternative rock group, the mighty Swervedriver. It's a song that Mike Horton and I used to play in a band called E.N.I: The Experimental Noise Incinerator, which also included bass player, Jason Pond. I felt it appropriate to repurpose some of the footage used for the video, "Tummyache" (recorded by said band in 1999), which was captured from various shows and rehearsals by Aaron Casale nearly a quarter century ago. Aaron played bass guitar in a prior band which Mike and I played in called, Tangled Food Chain (along with Rob Johnson on vocals). Peppered in with some more modern footage taken by yours truly, as well as footage from, this is an homage to Swervedriver's influence on those groups musically, particularly for Mike and me.